Searching  for a daycare is one of the most stressful times for parents. Just think, a parent has to find the perfect place that is going to take care of, teach and nurture their son/daughter the way they would if they were home. Little Sea Turtles offers all that your child could possibly need to excel in all areas of their fresh, young lives. Our tuition is competitive and our teacher/student ratio is 1:5.  Learning in a calm, nurturing environment will bring out confidence and brilliance at their own pace.  All children are created equal no matter what their age is. We learn as a group and no one is ever left out. We pride ourselves in reaching and surpassing each growing milestone by leaps and bounds.  At Little Sea Turtles, your little one will graduate to the next level full of ideas, curiosity, and the thirst for further knowledge. 




-Where little ones forge their paths to success-

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